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Welcome to A.I.P Help, a company dedicated to the single goal of giving seniors the chance to live safely and comfortably in their own home. This is know as Aging In Place and is highly desirable among the over 50 generation.

A.I.P. Help specializes in the products and services that help enable those over 50 and persons with limitations to remain independent and safe in their home of choice. By recognizing and then eliminating the hazards in and around the home, A.I.P. Help can reduce the risk of injury and create a safe, enjoyable, living environment.

A.I.P. Help works with the resident and the family to help seniors remain safe and independent.  We assist by taking care of the non-medical and non-personal tasks that can be a challenge as we age. We take care of your entire house, inside and outside to help you remain in the home as long as possible without imposing on family and friends for help.

We service all of Wayne and Medina counties with new areas currently under development. A.I.P. Help works with a network of professionals in the area  to recommend and perform repairs or modifications that remove barriers to independence.





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 It saves money and it saves lives.

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