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A.I.P. Help, LLC is dedicated to serving seniors and people living with physical limitations. For those that live in homes that are not easy to navigate or maintain, the experts at A.I.P. Help can make necessary changes that help eliminate barriers and hazards.

We help seniors and the disabled remain active and independent in their home of choice for as long as safety allows. A safe comfortable environment is vital to the health and happiness of all clients regardless of limitations. We believe the home is your castle and it should reflect your needs and match your wants.

Aging in Place
“the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.”

Home Safety

Grab bars and handrails are the most effective and least expensive product to aid in Aging In Place. Proper placement and installation is critical in providing safety on stairs, hallways, or bathrooms.

Safety products such as Personal Emergency Response systems, Home security, and proper lighting can create a safer environment for the entire family as well as visitors. 

Wheel Chair Ramps


Whether you are in a manual wheelchair, electric, wheelchair, mobility scooter or you have difficulty navigating stairs outdoors or in your home, a wheelchair ramp may be the solution.


Wheelchair and scooter ramps ensure that you are able to navigate terrain that would otherwise be off-limits because of stairs, curbs, inclines, and doorways.



 Stairlilfts are a convenient way for those with mobility issues to bypass what can be painfully challenging stairways. The chair, mounted to a rail on the steps, has a secure seat that will comfortably take you up the flight of stairs.

Straight staircases as well as sweeping stairs can be easily transformed into a safe path for seniors.

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